Want to learn how to be happier? Also, thank you for “Coats for Kids!”

On Focus Wednesday, we interviewed “Carol the Coach”, a personal life coach and marriage and family therapist who visits us monthly. This week, Carol Juergensen-Sheets talked about some of the “Laws of Happiness” – ways that we can learn to be happier. I was all ‘ears.’


More on ‘how to be happier’ in a moment, but first Channel 13 has wrapped up our longest community service campaign – the 23rd  annual “Bob Gregory Coats for Kids” campaign.  The need was so great this year in a tougher economy, that we worried about running out of coats when we gave them away on Saturday, October 10th, at the State Fairgrounds.  There were people in line who used to give to the “Coats for Kids” campaign.  This year, they were in need because of job losses.  We were blessed to be able to give free coats to most of the children who needed them.  We ran out of some sizes later in the day, but the biggest crowds had already come.   We gave away thousands of coats because of your generosity .   This year, you also helped by donating cash or checks at an Indianapolis Colts Game or online, through the Salvation Army, one of our campaign partners.  Thank you so much, Central Indiana, for caring about our kids.  Please join Tuchman Cleaners, the Salvation Army, Channel 13, and the Indianapolis Colts next year – on Labor Day – when we launch our 24th annual campaign.

This week on Focus, my Noon Community Interview Segment, we  profiled the Empty Bowls Dinner on Monday – a fundraiser at North Central High School for the Ronald McDonald House.  I was honored to emcee a short program for the actual event on Tuesday evening.  This benefit featured more than 1,000 ceramic bowls made by several local high school students, including North Central.  These bowls are beautiful and unique handmade creations.  Attendees at the Empty Bowl Dinner paid seven dollars for each bowl and they received a ticket to eat some soups prepared by North Central chefs.  It was a wonderful way to bring attention to the issue of hunger in our world and to help fill the food pantry of the Ronald McDonald House, which gives families a ‘home away from home’ when they have sick children at Riley Hospital.  I also loved the fact that our young people are learning about charity and how to serve others while they are in high school.  This event is so popular it will be hosted by a different school for the next several years.  If you hear of it next year, consider supporting this event that features our children *helping* children and families at Riley.

On Tuesday’s Focus segment, we profiled the Indianapolis Masked Ball featuring grammy-award singer Al Jarreau.  It is a great night of dinner, dancing and fundraising for the United Negro College Fund which helps send students to college.  The Ball takes place on November 21st.  For more information call 317-283-3920. 

On Focus Wednesday, we interviewed “Carol the Coach”, a personal life coach and marriage and family therapist who visits us monthly.  This week, Carol Juergensen-Sheets talked about some of the “Laws of Happiness” – ways that we can learn to be happier.  I was all ‘ears.’  I will share a few of her thoughts with you.  Carol says happiness is created from within.  It is an attitude and it creates a climate of kindness.  When you feel good about yourself, she says, and your current state of affairs, there is less of a need for competition or people-pleasing. 

One way to increase your happiness:  Reframing.  That’s the ability to take any situation and put a ‘positive’ spin on it.  See what that experience teaches you or how it has made you stronger.  Carol says this will help you drop the victim role and have greater personal strength.  As an example, Carol adds, if you are getting divorced, see it as an opportunity to grow as an individual.  She says you can’t stop the process, so ask yourself what you can do to get through it with integrity.  Another example?  If your family member or friend has a terminal illness, remind yourself that you can make a difference in their life and recognize what differences they have made in your life.  Focus on the moment, she says, instead of the future.  You will experience this person differently when your focus becomes appreciation.

Other ways to increase your happiness?  Train your mind to focus on the positives for one hour at a time, Carol says.  Replace the negative self-talk with a positive statement – retraining your brain – and repeat the positive statement silently to yourself regularly.  She says your attitude will become naturally more joyful and positive.

For more advice from “Carol the Coach” on a variety of topics, click here for her website.


On Thursday’s Focus segment, October 21st, you’ll want to check out the “Tomb of Doom” – the Children’s Museum’s 46th annual Haunted House.  Take a tour of the house with me and be prepared to be ‘scared’!  This is an elaborate masterpiece from the Children’s Museum Guild and they put 13-months of preparation work into entertaining children – and adults.  I took the ‘friendly hours’ tour with the ‘lights on’ for scaredy-cats like me… smiles… and your kids can too.  We’ll tell you all about it Thursday.  And on Friday, October 23rd, learn how to protect yourself from identity theft.  Get details of the “Community Shred-It Day” held at Channel 13 and several other locations by Crime Stoppers.  You can shred your old documents and get rid of old prescription medications.  More to come on the Focus segment on Channel 13 at Noon!

If you have community ideas you would like for us to cover, just let me know.  We are always trying to cover the issues, organizations and events that matter to you.  If we use your idea, we’ll mention your name on air.

Have a great week!

Angela Cain

WTHR Community Affairs Director