Shatter the silence with us

For the seventh summer, Channel 13 is Shattering the Silence on domestic abuse. We’d like for you to join us.

For the seventh summer, Channel 13 is Shattering the Silence on domestic abuse.  I have been leading this campaign since I began my job as WTHR’s Community Affairs Director and, we continue, because the problem never ends.  Domestic abuse affects one in four American families.  It is not always physical, but mental, verbal, emotional, sexual and financial abuse.  Although 85+ percent of reported abuse victims are women, men, too, are abused.  Experts say they are just less likely to report it.  

This year, as part of Shattering the Silence we are focusing on the impact of domestic abuse on children and teen dating abuse.  Scott Swan and I have produced some stories in July and we will do the same in August.  You can click here to see a few of the stories that have already aired and to get a full overview of our campaign, including how to recognize the red flags of abuse; how to teach your teenagers to ‘choose respect’ in relationships; and how to join us in shattering the silence by donating time or money to area service agencies.

On my Noon Focus interview segment, you will also see me do a weekly report or interview on domestic abuse issues.  We will bring on some domestic abuse experts to talk about the problem.  If you have any questions that you would like for me to ask an expert, please blog with me.  We will not list your name or identity on air on this particular subject.  If you have any general thoughts to share about domestic abuse, you can also blog with me.  We may share excerpts of your thoughts on Focus, but again, we will not identify you on air.

Some other things coming up on Focus starting Monday, July 20th:  We’ll profile the Reid Ride – a fundraiser to help buy shoes for kids. On Tuesday, July 21st, you’ll hear about ‘Business at the Brickyard’ – a popular golfing event – as we discuss the benefits of knowing how to golf in the business world.  On Wednesday, July 22nd, we’ll talk about ‘Kids Can’t Wait’ – an extension of our Shattering the Silence campaign that involves Prevent Child Abuse Indiana and urges parents to get parenting guidance.  And on Friday, July 24th, hear about ways you can grant the wishes of terminally ill children.

If you have any Focus segment ideas, profiling community issues, events and/or organizations, please share them with us.  We just may choose your idea and give you credit on air.

Take care!

Angela Cain