Have any gardening tips for Spring or need some? Please share your thoughts with us.

If you are like me, you will need all the help you can get if you are planning to make the outside of your home pretty this Spring and Summer. I am known to kill even artificial plants:) (How is that possible? Probably too much dust on them… smiles. )


Have you been to the 52nd annual Indiana Flower and Patio show at the State Fairgrounds yet?   If you are still fighting the winter blues, this is a great way to step into Spring and lift your spirits.  We will take you there for a sneak peek of the show on my Noon Focus  Segment Tuesday.  I also got an “up-close” look at the show just a few days before “Opening Day” last week.  It is really a cool event.  You can get tips and information for all garden budgets from more than 250 outdoor living experts.  You will also see 29 different ‘Showcase Gardens’ from dozens of landscape artists.  These gardens are so beautiful and this year the gardens’ theme is “A Novel Idea”.  It is a nod to Indy Reads, a program that provides free tutoring to functionally illiterate adults.  You can donate books at collection bins at the Show, including K-6 student workbooks or teacher’s manuals, copies of the classics, children’s books bins, and all appropriate titles.   One of the gardens that I saw ‘in the making’ is so creative!  Its’ theme is the Wizard of Oz and you have to see how the landscape artists have incorporated the theme through their version of the yellow brick road, the Wicked Witch and Dorothy’s home – tossed around by a tornado – all in one little space.  It will be a show favorite. 

If you are like me, you will need all the help you can get if you are planning to make the outside of your home pretty this Spring and Summer.  I am known to kill even artificial plants:)  (How is that possible? Probably too much dust on them… smiles. )  I love to decorate the inside of my home and have done a lot of that on my own, but anytime I have headed outside to ‘decorate’, nothing survives:(.  How about you?  Do you have a green thumb?  If so, do you have any tips for keeping plants alive?  Which plants are most hardy?  What are the best perennials – something I wouldn’t have to plant every year?  Share some of your thoughts with people, who like me, can’t keep plants alive.  In the meantime, I am sure the Indiana Flower and Patio show experts could give all of us some great advice for being successful with landscaping and gardening.   The event runs through Sunday the 21stClick here for more information.

Also this week on our Noon Focus segment, you can get some tips Wednesday on improving self-esteem – for you and your children – from “Carol the Coach”.  She’s a Life Coach and Marriage and Family Therapist who visits us monthly with great tips on various topics.  Thursday on Focus, see one of Israel’s premiere dance companies.  The world-class  Kibbutz Contemporary Dance company will perform in our studios.  We’ll tell you why they are in town and where you can see them perform for free.  And on Friday, find out how donating daffodils is helping fight cancer.

If you have any community issues, events or organizations that you would like for us to consider as a profile on Focus segments or on our Community Calendar, let me know.  Blog with me or e-mail me at acain@wthr.com.

Channel 13 is constantly involved in sponsoring various community campaigns.  We are a part of you and we want to do what we can to serve our community.  Right now, we are sponsoring a couple of big events that will fight cancer.  Do you know someone who has cancer or are you battling this sometimes devastating disease?  You might want to register for a Relay for Life event near you.  These are 24-hour walking vigils that remind people that cancer never sleeps.  You can form a team, raise money through pledges, and take turns walking around an area track.  This is the premiere worldwide fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  There will be more than 30 Relay for Life events in Central Indiana running from March through June. Consider walking in honor of someone you love with cancer or you can walk simply because you care.

WTHR Community Affairs has also been busy promoting one of the top-ten biggest Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” events in the nation.  More than 40,000 people walk or run in the annual “Race for the Cure” in downtown Indianapolis.  This is a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world’s largest, grass roots breast cancer movement.  It is an amazing ‘sea of humanity’ – men, women and children – taking to the downtown streets to help end breast cancer forever.  When you walk, you raise money for breast cancer treatment, education and research here in Central Indiana and around the nation.  This year’s “Race for the Cure” takes place on Saturday, April 17th.  Click here to register to walk or run or volunteer.

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1 thought on “Have any gardening tips for Spring or need some? Please share your thoughts with us.”

  1. I enjoy starting flowers and tomatoes inside in winter and have had very good luck doing so in peat pots with a good potting soil.
    A week ago while doing mny grocery shopping I bought two small bags of Western Family brand potting soil which was displayed alongside an array of flower and vegetable seeds.
    This soil is absolutely the worst stuff I have come across in over 50 years of gardening. It seems to be oily and water just sits on top of it; with stirring and setting the peat pots in an inch of water a small amount of it eventurally becomes wet but leaves the interior soil dry—–a seed hasn’t a chance.
    Unfortunately I have thrown out both my receipt and the bags that contained the soil or else I would seek reimbursement from the store where I boght the stuff.
    I just wanted to post a note of warning to anyone else who may be considering giving it try.

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