What Happens in Indy….

You know the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”?  At the risk of betraying “the code”, there is just too much to share about last night’s Media Party to keep it to myself.

Each year the Super Bowl host city puts on a shindig for all the visiting and local media; as well as “contributors”–those individuals and businesses who generously provided finanical support.

Last night, I was lucky enough to go to Indy’s version.

The backdrop couldn’t have been better–what says Indy more than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Media Party at IMS









One of the highlights was the glass used to serve beer.  It was made completely out of ice.  And you were given a glove to hold it.  (I’ll admit I couldn’t drink mind fast enough before the glass melted–but it was a great novelty and conversation starter!)

The glass is made entirely of ice! Gloves were provided

The party continued in the Pagoda where each floor served something different.  On the 4th floor, whisky and cigars.  On the the 5th floor, burgers and beer.  But the best part, was the open access to so many things “racing”.

Visitors could get their photo taken kissing the yard of bricks.  The Super cars were lined up–another photo op.  I saw some  visitors on the winner’s stand.   The Borg-Warner and Lombardi trophies both available for photos as well.

And what party would be complete without dropping a few names?  Some of the “names” seen mingling:   former IMS honcho Tony George;  Speaker of the Indiana House Brian Bosma;

 IMS CEO John Belsksus;  Driver Ed Carpenter; comedian Mike Epps. 

All in all, it was a wonderful night.  And for those of us who’ve been putting in long hours, a chance to take a breath, have a few laughs, and just relax. 


Now, back to our Super coverage. 

 Kris Kirschner