Tricky Winter Storm Coming

24 hours later there is still much uncertainty regarding exact impacts on central Indiana from an approaching winter storm.  So let’s tackle the easy part of the forecast first.  All is quiet on the western front tonight, with a clear sky for the time being.  There may be some sun early Monday morning, but overcast returns… and marks the eastern edge of the aforementioned winter mess.


As overcast thickens, light snow/flurries will develop Monday afternoon across central Indiana.


Monday night into early Tuesday freezing rain is possible along the I-70 corridor…and the real action begins Tuesday afternoon into predawn Wednesday.


The track and intensity of this storm (in relation to central Indiana) remain a question mark…both play a significant role in snow amounts and snowfall intensity.  Though many models take a track unfavorable for snow in Indianapolis, it is noteworthy that the trusted Euro & Canadian models remain bullish on keeping central Indiana in heavy snow.


Above is an example of how wide-ranging the “potential” solutions for Indianapolis.  Outcomes range from less than 1″ to “potentially” over 6″!



This is the latest NAM output and below is the Euro from this morning.


The Euro model has been very consistent and it will be interesting to see if that continues tonight/Monday.  At this point I still believe Indianapolis can’t be ruled out for a period of heavy wet snow Tuesday evening/night.


Possible Freezing Rain Impacts Monday night/early Tuesday

Heavy Snow “Possible” Tuesday afternoon-early Wednesday

Amounts And Location Of Heaviest Snow Still Unknown

Check in with Chuck and Chris on Monday for the latest.


Warming trend is in the 7day… for now.  That could change too “if” any significant snow falls over the region.  Thanks for reading the blog and have a great week.

Sean Ash


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