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Track & Field…great for kids!

By · September 22, 2009 at 4:54 pm

On Monday, we talked with Harry Edwards, Director of Indy’s Racing Cheetahs, a youth track & field club (Ages 6-18) based here in Indianapolis. With this being a club that attends both indoor & outdoor meets, it is a great option for you to keep your children healthy and happy all year round! Track & field is great because it includes numerous events that offer children of all abilities numerous options to find their niche. Second, if you have a child who isn’t interested in traditional sports this is a great way to get them involved. However, if your child is involved with other sports, all the speed and explosiveness that track & field training offers is great for helping them excel at these other sports. With winter right around the corner, I recommend that you start planning your kid’s winter activities. With that in mind consider Indoor/outdoor track & field, I think you will be surprised at how fun and exciting it can be for them! For more information, contact the Cheetahs at: http://www.indysracingcheetahs.org/

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i have an 8 year daughter who wants to be a sprinter i want to get her into track and field what do i need to do.


Danny found us, and let me tell you about his daughter. All she did was become one of the top 400M sprinters in the state, while qualifying for the AAU Jr Olympic Nationals. Great attitude, great family support, and great talent, it will be difficult for her not to do well in anything she chooses!


Hi Dave how can we reach you pl Email me my son like to Track & Field Game. so pl tell us what to do


punkfitness@yahoo.com I will help you any way I can.



We start our Indoor (Winter) season, this Saturday, October 1st, at NIFS. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.


I have a 7yr old athletic son who likes football, tennis, taewondo and running. Do you know of any clubs in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana areas for track.


There are several, in Northwest Indiana, Merrilville Track Club, The Jets Track Club. There is also the University of Chicago Track Club.


Please see our website, for the start of our Indoor Season.



Interesting article on track and field. All children should be encouraged to get involved in some sport so this sounds quite fun.

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