The Wait For Sun Will Be Worth It

Welcome to the weekend!  It’s certainly been a wet 24 hours over Central Indiana, and with another decent burst of rain early this morning.  The upper level storm responsible for the raw, damp conditions is gradually pulling away…and weather will improve in its wake.

A narrow band of showers, rotating around the center of that storm, will impact areas south of I-70 early today.  A healthy cloud deck will linger into late morning, before gradual clearing allows some sun to appear later today.  Cooler than highs in the mid 50s for one more day.

Without the blanket of clouds tonight/early Sunday morning, temperatures will be colder in the upper 30s.

It’s all uphill after the chilly start Sunday.  Plenty of sunshine and a southwest wind will push daytime highs into the mid/upper 60s… marking the beginning of a substantial warm up for next week.

Long-range guidance has been steadfast on a prolonged stretch of unseasonably warm air…and highs will flirt with 80° several days next week.

The warmth should last Monday through Thursday, before our next cold front brings a return to fall-like conditions Friday.  Though a few showers are possible in the warm air regime…it shouldn’t be anything widespread.  Have a great day and even better weekend!

Sean Ash

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  1. Been hearing that GFO is dropping a snow storm around the 27 thru 30 of october, can you add any comments to this and if it does how much do you think that could fall around Indiana.

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