Sometimes….”Ouch” feels good!

The crowds are gone, the medals handed out and busy life in Chicago moves on. However, the soreness remains! Yes, the soreness from my completion of the Chicago Half Marathon this past weekend. I took on the challenge from a friend, stepped up like a Spartan soldier and the muscle soreness from doing so is quite significant but it feels so good! For many years prior to running this event, I used a much different format of training to stay in shape and endurance training was far from what I had ever done before. However, I have always kept my mind open to new ways of being active and this experience taught me a lot of things that I will incorporate into my normal training activities. Will I run another event over a 10K…absolutely not, I simply get so bored running long distance that it is almost unbearable! Personally, I prefer to lift weights, get on a BMX or MountainBike, shred dirt terrain, jump big jumps, fly around turns and navigate trails with my riding buddies…that is fun to me my friends. Nothing against runners because I have a newfound respect for both the sport and the people who participate in it. To me, this whole process is the essence of an active lifestyle because if you have a preferred type of physical activity that you enjoy on a consistent basis and then toss in a few new activities for trial & error or variation, you can’t lose. It is impossible not to take aspects of what you learned from the process of trying new things and incorporate them into your lifestyle and eventually benefit from them in the future. To me that is what fitness is all about and if you are consistent in one form of activity, it leads to you trying others thus promoting a cycle of activity that will support a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Go getem!

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  1. Fabulous tips. Just wentad to add that drinking coconut water is a good way to stay hydrated since it is high in electrolytes. Also, I use trekking poles which help with stability and prevent falls.

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