Slowly Getting Better!

It is a cold, cold in Indianapolis this morning. Our high today, 15 degrees below average at 36. Not to worry, we’ll see temperatures jump into the upper 50s tomorrow. That is perfect weather for the thousands of folks headed to Indianapolis for both the Big 10 Mens Basketball Tournament and Comic Con. Remember, the weekend looks dry, but temperatures drop again Sunday.

Let’s talk snow real qucikly….

With the light snow yesterday, the Snow Year from July 1st until now, so far, has Indianpollis at 55.1″ of snow. Here is how that ranks all time.

1981-82  58.2″

1977-78  57.9″

2013-14  55.1″

1995-96   51.7″

Have a wonderful day!

Chuck Lofton

1 thought on “Slowly Getting Better!”

  1. Really?
    36 is really really cold?
    Unseasonably cold, but That’s still well above freezing.
    Really, really cold to me is when it drops below Zero F.

    Still a nice day.

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