Never too old to Boogie!

images-5On Monday, I visited Crestwood Village West, a senior living community that had a strong emphasis on staying fit! It was refreshing to see that there is a new way of looking at life after the age of 55. They had numerous types of activities that people could participate in to get active and fit. One resident, Hal was a bowler for many years but for the past few years was too weak to do so. He committed to the fitness program, is now bowling again and loving it! If you or someone you know is 55 or older and inactive, I challenge you to take that first step towards a healthy/active lifestyle. Results can be garnered at any age so start moving! Here is a link to information I put together for older adults looking to get fit:

Go Getem!

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  1. As the boomers keep retiring with healthy hearts they’ll need strong bodies to maintain their quality of life. At the place I go on the north side, Fitness By Design, they work with quite a few senior adults. One of the trainers, Steve Smith, seems to specialize in personal training for seniors. I highly recommend them.

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