Make your fitness plan fast!

Fall and winter are fast approaching and it is very important to quickly draft your plan of action so that you can eliminate the guesswork and “simply get to work!” Make a list of activities that you would like to participate in with the ones that you would do most often at the top of the list. From there, gather all the necessary information on where, when and how you will participate and what recources for help and assistance there are available. Having a plan based on your personal preferences in place before the weather breaks is great way to get a jump on lasting results. Many people fail to draft a plan, then before they even know it, the winter blues have them sitting on the couch wondering what happened to summer and how their waistline grew so fast! Time flies so you have to match it with a plan, some passion and determination to make this winter no different than summer in terms of activity. My plan is to embrace winter by snowboarding with friends, riding at an indoor bicycle track near downtown, lifting weights and of course…eating healthy foods to support it all. Make sure you tune into my fitness segments every Monday morning at 630am and Sundays at 7am for more tips and ideas for getting and staying fit! Make your plan, get moving!