Labor Day Memories, Then & Now

When I was a boy, growing up north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan, Labor Day was a big deal.  My family made the 10 minute trek to the Illinois Beach State Park to enjoy the beach, the sandwiches and the last remnants of summer in the Chicagoland area.

It was always a fun time, sometimes meeting my friends ,the Hertzbergs and Sternbergs to have fun around the sand or meeting new people who drove north from the city to enjoy the fresh Lake Michigan breeze. I have no proof, none whatsover, but I always felt it was very hot on that weekend.  I also remember laughing a lot…laughing at the unfortunate souls who would run, in a mad dash twoard the blue water,  only to find that the west shore of the lake is always freezing cold, always.  Nobody swam much, but everyone had fun, especially me, since it was one of the few days I got to spend with my father, who seemed to always get that day off from work.

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day holiday and that you find a resting place near a nice body of water!
Take a look at the hottest week of the year and the warm temps headed into Labor Day: Every day from today through Monday will be in the low 90s. Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week at 94 and we have a chance for thunderstorms Wednesday and Saturday.