Houston, we are a go…

Pace yourself.  It’s a mantra I need to repeat to myself after our first day in Houston netted my photographer colleague and I about two hours sleep!  Traveling to cover an event like the Final Four is a privilege.  But it’s also work.  In our case, we started our morning in Indy leaving the WTHR studios about 6am headed for the Indy airport for an 8am flight.

On board the plane bound Houston-via Dallas– I met a delightful man who offered some interesting conversation.  He happened to be from Texas, and so I felt really good about the people we’d be running into during our stay there.

No sooner had we arrived in Houston and our work had begun.  Photographer Matt Whisner with camera ready rolling on the volunteers passing out mini basketballs to visitors at the airport.  We ran into a couple of Wildcat fans…then we’re shooting “beauty shots” around Houston–hoping to give our viewers at home a feel for the city. 

It was during our first stop at Reliant stadium where the game will take place that we ran into our first Hoosier.    She was visiting a friend who lives in Houston–both big Bulldog fans. 

We managed a quick stop to check in to the media  hotel–the Crowne Plaza–located adjacent to Reliant Stadium.  Enough time to wash my face, freshen up and we’re on our way again.

More scenic shots–noticing Houston traffic flows a little heavier and a lot more aggressively than Indy (thank goodness Matt was driving).

We planned to be at the team hotel by 7p to help our sports crews gather content–and I was hoping to land an interview with the Tracy Stevens–wife of Butler head coach Brad Stevens.  The team bus ran later than expected (which is usually the case–since they’re coming from the airport).  A fairly large group of media gathered outside–as did the hotel staff decked out to welcome the team–a great chance to catch up.

By 7:45 they arrived (that’s local time–8:45 Indy time)…Tracy was gracious enough to grant me an interview–even though her kids were ready for bed–and we headed back to the hotel.

Now it’s time to put together all that we gathered into what we hope is an interesting story to run during Surise the following morning.  After all was said and done–I hit the sack about 11:30p local –with a wake up call set for 2am.

And the day starts all over again. 

It is work.  But I must admit it is fun.  Running on adrenalin with the help of a good cup of coffee.  Covering a story that’s captivated the state–and the country–but with the possibility of 5 days to go (assuming Butler wins!) I better pace myself.

Kris Kirschner

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