Freezing Fog and More Snow Chances

By late Monday evening, freezing fog was becoming a concern across central Indiana.  The visibility at times is dropping below 1 mile and temperatures are below freezing.  They might be hard to see, but there will be slick roads overnight and through the morning drive on Tuesday.  We are also tracking another fast moving snow system that will arrive mid-morning Tuesday and bring the potential for another dusting to an inch of snow.  The light snow will move out by late afternoon.

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The weather pattern remains very active over the next 7 days.  Milder air will arrive and trigger more fog later this week.  We are also tracking an intensifying weather system that will bring with it the threat for heavy rain and snow.  Looking ahead, flooding may be an issue with the snow melting and the rain falling.  It is too early to tell where the heavy snow will fall, but it something we will track closely.  Stay tuned for updates.