Fish Taco Recipe

This morning’s segment at the Monon Food Company has yielded a great Fish Taco Recipe that is great for the summer…Check it out!

The following is the recipe/instructions on how to make Chipotle Fish Tacos.


6oz of Tilapia will make two tacos. (3oz per taco)
Chipotle pepper (can be purchases in a bottle)
6″ tortillas

First you need to make sure your pan of olive oil (2 tablespoons) is very
hot. You want to sear the fish, so don’t put it in the oil until you know
it’s hot.

Spice your fillet with kosher salt, black pepper, a little garlic powder
(or fresh garlic), basil and oregano. Spice one side and drop that side
face down into the oil. While it is cooking… season the second side
(facing up).

Cover the pan to help cook the fish evenly throughout. Depending on the
size of your fillets (I like a 5 to 7oz) cook no more than two minutes on
each side to insure that you do not over cook it.

Once the fish is cooked, put it on a plate, set aside and prepare to make
the tacos.

Chipotle mayo is a blend of Chipotle peppers (blended in your food
processor), mayo (organic real mayo is preferred), add some garlic powder
to taste and blend in food processor until it is nice and orange. Yummy!!!

Note: Start with a moderate amount of chipotle pepper and add more to mayo
as needed. You want to be careful not to over spice your guests. Place in
bowl and set aside

Chop your cabbage into strips.Place in bowl and set aside

You can either make a pico de gallo salsa and guacomole, or just buy it if
you aren’t in the mood or would not prefer to add the extra steps.

Once all your ingredients are assembled, have them close to your pan (the
one you used for cooking the fish). Smear the chipotle mayo on the 6″
tortillas (either corn or flour) and place in hot pan with just a little
olive oil (one teaspoon). Do not have the skillet too hot like you did
when you cooked the fish. Let it cool down a bit so you don’t burn the
tortilla. You just want to brown it a little for the crunchy exterior.

While the tortilla is on the pan add about 3oz of fish, shredded cabbage,
and salsa. Check the bottom of the tortilla to make sure it is browned and
then pull it off with a spatula. Once on the plate… add guacamole and
serve with pride. The oohs and aahs will follow.  OH…you can squeeze a
little lime over the top if you would like. Not too much though… there
is a lot of flavor working already.

Bon apetite!


The Monon Food Company