Coming Up This Weekend on Lean 13

Coming up this week on my Lean 13 reports:

Saturday on Morning Sunrise: A rare recommendation for a healthy product. I rarely make personal recommendations but I made an exception…tune in!

Sunday on Morning Sunrise: My “Pro Moves” segment…Running and Yoga, do they compliment each other? Tune in to find out!

See you this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Coming Up This Weekend on Lean 13”

  1. How often a day? If I recall correctly, 2-3 times? With meals or as in-between-meal snacks? (We had been purchasing another of Kroger’s yogerts.) Thanks!

    1. I have my mom eat one in between each meal for a total of 2 per day. When she gets the urge for a night snack, she will have one then as well. Use as best suits your needs but not so much that you get sick of them. They have a ton of great flavors. Let me know how it goes!

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