Bitter Cold and More Snow

Bitter cold will be the concern overnight and early Wednesday.  We are forecasting temperatures in the range of 0 to -6 degrees overnight.  This is dangerous cold and it will last through the end of the week.  This is the kind of cold that is dangerous and we encourage you to check on your family, friends and neighbors.  Your pets and home will need extra attention too. 

 Temperatures will struggle all day.  We will only be near 12 degrees by lunch, with forecast highs in the teens.  We are tracking another chance for light snow later Wednesday through early Thursday.  Another inch or so will be possible. 


The coldest air of the week arrives Thursday and Friday.  Morning temperatures will be below zero and highs on Thursday will struggle to only 10 degrees.  In addition to the bitter cold, there will be more snow chances this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Bitter Cold and More Snow”

  1. Thx U for reminding ppl of the dangerous wind/chills & effects, ppl R so quick to say I walked to school, Wellllll I did Toooo no busing N the city at all when I went to elementary school. Please tell the nay sayers to walk to work tomorrow!
    ( I know U won’t but I’d sure like Toooo )
    I drove a school bus for 25yrs & I told my kids ( rider’s ) stay inside until U hear the bus, I’m no saint, but not everybody cares, sad

  2. I waited outside this morning with my son for the bus, the temp was 1 degrees. We waited 6 minutes before it showed. The bus stop is a block and a half from our home, and his bus is not the only bus that passes our home. She never comes at the same time it’s a general time. And sometimes he’s not even picked up by his bus driver he’s picked up by another bus driver. So in the morning, in negative digits I’m supposed to send an 8 year old outside to wait anywhere from 5-15 minutes for his bus to pick him up? And that’s ok because in the 1980’s or the 1950’s you walked 10 miles, up hill both ways to and from school in 20 degree weather?

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