Working Thanksgiving Isn’t That Bad

Whenever I say I’m working Thanksgiving, I always get the same response… I’m so sorry. I feel anything but sorry that I have to be at work today.

 Happy Thanksgiving Family Music and Shopping Happy Thanksgiving: Family, Music, and Shopping! Working the holidays… it’s part of the news business, news never sleeps.  This morning, a perfect example!  Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings on Thanksgiving Day!

So, back to working the holidays, I don’t mind.  To be honest, I haven’t had a Thanksgiving or a Christmas with my family in Arizona in seven years.  I’m not sad about it, we make our own holidays whenever I can be home.  And to be honest, that’s a little more fun… who’s heard of Thanksgiving in January?  That’s when we usually celebrate it!

Working the holidays isn’t bad.  I work the same shift almost every day at WTHR.  We’re a family.  Yes, we even fight!  But, we have fun!  We joke around, we care about each other, and I consider them genuine friends.  From the producers, to the production assistants, to on-air talent we’re all working the holiday.  So, no, I’m not sad about missing Thanksgiving with my family… my surrogate family is right here at WTHR.  Today we even had a pitch-in… our Thanksgiving feast started at 7am, and what a treat it was!  It’s not the holiday that makes it special, it’s the people you spend it with.

When my husband I were dating, we always picked up Jack in the Box tacos for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We had to work, so we made our own traditions!  And, I love Jack in the Box tacos!

However you spend the holidays, I hope it’s special, and you get to appreciate everyone who makes your life better each day.

4 thoughts on “Working Thanksgiving Isn’t That Bad”

  1. Very cool Nicole. I am glad you have a good attitude about it. I am a pilot and have to work when I have to work so I know where you are coming from. Sometimes that cuts into family affairs so I know the feeling but you just make sure the times you are with friends and family all that more special.


  2. Great story. We appreciate all the hard work! I’ve heard Jack in the Box is looking at the Indy market. Thanks Nicole!!!

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