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Whatever the Weather Brings…

By · January 17, 2012 at 11:45 am

On this strange, stormy day, many of us in the newsroom pondered the question many probably considered 19 days before Super Bowl XLVI:  what will the weather bring, and are we prepared?

The Indy Super Bowl committee assures us they are ready for every scenario.  (Let’s hope they won’t be put to the test).

But what about the station bringing you the big game? 

We have some big plans when it comes to our coverage, including nightly specials the week leading up to the Super Bowl; a Super Saturday show; and a special Sunrise show Super Bowl Sunday.  Much of our live coverage out in the elements where the action is (think zipline!), including at the Super Bowl Village, outside Lucas Oil Stadium, and inside the NFL Experience. 

As our anchors and reporters prepare by learning as much as we can about each event surrounding the Super Bowl and how to get you there, our amazing production and engineering teams work to make sure we’re comfortable doing it.

Production manager Randy White–a most organized and thoughtful person–offered this plan:

We have infra red heaters at our Georgia Street location.    We’ll have  foot heaters as well  (they’re actually heating pads for pets–what I consider an ingenious idea!)  We also have the production truck there as a warming station for our crew.

We'll use heating pads like this for anchors to stand on to keep feet warm!

 At our other outdoor location, the Domestic Compound at the Stadium, we will be quite exposed to weather as the platform is not heated or covered. We will have access to the NBC NewsChannel trailer located nearby to take breaks from the cold if necessary. Otherwise, we are out in it!

 Our NFL Experience stage inside the convention center is our indoor fallback location. If we had weather like (Tuesday) morning with lightning and warnings and such, we would take it all inside.

By the way, I should mention, while you see the anchors and reporters (what we very loosely call ‘talent’)  it takes a village to raise a broadcast.  There will be about 15 members of the crew (production and engineering) behind the cameras each day making sure it all works like clockwork rain or shine…or snow.

So here’s to whatever the weather brings…and hopefully coverage you won’t soon forget.

Kris Kirschner



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