Super Bowl Bits….

As promised, Channel 13 is covering the Super Bowl from every angle–including the sure to be popular NFL Experience.

As promised, Channel 13 is covering the Super Bowl from every angle–including the sure to be popular NFL Experience. 

Our amazing engineering and production staff completed their task of setting up the timelapse camera so you can watch beam by beam the NFL Experience put together at the Convention Center–then watch the fun from the comfort of your PC!  

Check it out here

They’ve also been constructing the WTHR set where some of our newscast will be broadcast during Super Bowl week. 

Setting the stage at NFL Experience



The control room









With all the parties and events scheduled for the coming week…Hoosiers are putting on their “Super Sunday” best.  My friends at Simply Skin Med Spa in Fishers tell me they’ve been busier than usual lately.  Mostly for chemical peels–a process used to improve and smooth the texture of the face  using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin eventually peel off.(Yes it’s as unpleasant as it sounds–but the results are worth it, I’m told!)

At the Bobby Cooper Salon in Broad Ripple, stylists are excitedly preparing to primp about 30-some NFL wives  (even practicing on their day off).  All for the annual  Nfl Wives Association fashion show which will take place at Saks   Fifth Avenue February 3rd.  Open to the public, it’s a charity event where a portion of the proceeds this year goes to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital at  St Vincent’s.

11 days and counting….

Kris Kirschner

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  1. As an Indiana Citizen I would like to know where Indiana is getting all the money to prepare for the super bowl when we’ve closed how many schools? Fired how many teachers? Seriously, and we’re supposed to feel like we have the right people representing us! This is absolutely ridiculous! We can’t even fix our roads or fund our schools! Obviously Indiana has a few money hungry politicians! We all know our state reps will be getting a big bonus while we’re left with shit! Oh wait, let me guess they raised funding from individuals or a few corporations but we couldn’t do that to fix the things that really matter right!?!

  2. I just received an email from SBXLVI Alert telling me to click on a link to confirm I received this email. I bought tickets to the NFL Experience and Park and Ride at the airport via the superbowl website. I think it’s a scam, so I do not want to click on it. Has anyone else received this type of email? Copied and pasted below … thanks!

    This is a message from the NFL’s Super Bowl Alert and Communications system. The NFL will provide relevant information regarding Super Bowl activities and events including updates on weather and periodic planning and preparedness notifications. These messages will be delivered from and SMS text messages from 717-30 (SBXLVI Alert).

    Additional Teammate resources, including an exclusive Super Bowl Teammate Web Portal, will be available in the coming days. More information to follow.

    Please confirm receipt of this email by going to

  3. Hi,

    Yesterday’s (Weds) noon news coverage of the “Union protestors” was way over the top. Too much publicity by the news staff/videos of them disrupting thru the Super Bowl Village/on their march. They’ve caused enough of a scene/havoc for such a small minority of people the past two years. Give it a rest!

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