Sugar Rush!

Easter baskets overflow-ith (yep… I just made up that word) with sweet sugary treats.

Before I went on my healthy eating streak, one of my favorite times of year was the day after Valentine’s Day, and the day after Easter.  Why?  All the candy is on HUGE discount!

Naturally, as I’m shopping for the essentials the other day in Target, I can’t help but walk by the Easter candy isle.  It’s a sugar candy land!  I resisted purchasing treats, but, that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about them.

My favorite Easter candy? 

Peeps!  But, I only like the yellow chickens.  Yes, my OCD gets to me a little too much sometimes!  I don’t know what it is about the little yellow bundles of marshmallow goodness, but I love ’em!  And, I only like them at Easter… I never want Christmas or Halloween Peeps.  It seems like the sugary creations are a love hate food, you never find anyone who’s in between on Peeps.

Check out this “Peep” show.  It’s well worth your time to see the creative diorama’s people come up with!

Another treat I’m crazy about?  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  Those things are the BEST!  especially when they’re frozen. 

And, why not combine marshmallow and chocolate into a marshmallow filled chocolate sculpture of something.  Love it!  I usually like the chocolate shaped bunnies with goo inside.

I also like Robin’s Eggs… aka… Whoppers.  And, Cadbury eggs. 

What are your favorite Easter candies and why?  Leave your favorites in the comments section below!