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Sometimes it’s not what’s over it, but the rainbow itself

By · January 22, 2011 at 7:49 am

 As we were all digging our way out of yet another winter storm, the snow weighing heavily on our shovels and hearts…a sign that perhaps there is a light at the end of this dismal tunnel.  Friday morning, about 8:30am, as I was driving my two youngsters home after picking up our drive-thru breakfast, I saw before me a vision.  A beautful rainbow that dimly hovered above the frosty horizon.  I’d never seen a rainbow in winter..and felt compelled to mark the moment with a photo.   So I pulled over the car  (safety first!)  and snapped away.  (see photo above).   

While my kids and I had fun wondering if the rainbow ended at our house…I got the feeling that colorful anomaly was there for a reason.  To remind us that even in our darkest (and coldest) times…there are moments of brightness and beauty…and when it comes to winter, this too shall pass.

Kris Kirschner

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