Silenced But Grateful…

When you’re a broadcaster without a voice, what do you do?   That was the dilemma I was faced with on a Sunday morning.  I’d been fighting a chest cold for a few days…taking the proper medication, thinking it beaten.  Then I woke up Sunday morning without a voice.  It’s happened before..and usually in those situations, a little nursing, a little hot tea and honey and I can get through the day.  Not this day.  The more I tried to remedy the problem, the worse it became.

Problem was, I had a three hour newscast to anchor.  I mustered as much sound as I could when Weekend Sunrise started at 6am..but I sounded less like a broadcaster and more like a squeaky toy.   After about a half hour of what must have been agony to the ears of viewers, the producer made the call to bring in the relief.    So I stepped off my anchor mound…and in my place,  sat a team player who is not only a star catcher–but it turns out, throws a pretty awesome curve ball. 

Nicole Misencik –who is my partner on Weekend Sunrise-(-she delivers weather, I report the news-)-stepped in without missing a beat.  In her former life before coming to 13 as a meteorologist, she was a news anchor.  So it was second nature for her to report with credibility.  However, doing double duty–both anchoring and weather forecasting is no easy feat.  She handled it with not only grace and talent–but with generosity seldom seen in this business.   

While she was changing hats–live on the air–another news femme fatale was ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Lynsay Clutter, who left the business to take care of a more important production at home–her two little children–freelances with us from time to time.  This time,  with good humor and no hesitation, she took over an interview with one of NBC’s top political analysts…with little time to prep…but you’d never know it on air. 

Meantime, one of the most respected women in news in Indianapolis–was called away from her family on a Sunday morning.  Sandra Chapman  came in to anchor that 3rd hour.  Never failing, never complaining…always willing to help a colleague.

I mention all of them, because sometimes in this business you run up against ego–and sometimes–in an effort to “get ahead”…there are people willing to step on a few toes along the way.  Often women are the worst offenders.  Not this Sunday.  And in my experience, not at 13.

I’m grateful to my colleagues–who were willing to step up–and fill in–not because it’s their job–or because they “had” to–but because they are quality people.  And wonderful teammates.

To them I give a sincere (although silent) cheer.

Kris Kirschner

4 thoughts on “Silenced But Grateful…”

  1. Kris, Hope you get better soon, we miss you! And as for Nicole, Lynsay, and Sandra; well, you surround yourself with quality people! We are blessed to have all of you keeping us up to date; and we thank you all for your dedication. Thanks!!


  2. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this. I love how these other women stepped in to help when you needed it. Working with other women can be difficult, for a number of reasons. It’s refreshing to read about a group of ladies who are ready and willing to be there for each other when something like this happens…without, as you said, egotistical aspirations getting in the way. Not all workplaces share this type of mentality! My guess is that you would do (if you haven’t already) the same for any of them. Thankful for another great example of teamwork from WTHR!

  3. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, Kris. I have the same thing, so I can commiserate. Hope I didn’t give it to you. LOL! So glad you have these wonderful
    women to help you out! That is not only what colleagues do, that is what friends do.

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