On A Roll

I’m trying to whip myself back into shape… here’s how my journey is going so far.

It’s been a little more than a month since I declared my fitness goals.  And, so far, I seem to be on track.

Just a recap… I’ve cut out all fast food, all soda and caffeine, and started a workout plan.

I feel much better now that I’m eating healthier balanced meals.  Trust me, I’m still craving my White Castle Chicken Ring Sandwiches, but I haven’t given into “what I crave,” just yet!

I’m lifting weights two days a week with a trainer, and doing cardio five days a week.  I’m addicted to spinning classes, so if one fits into my schedule, that’s fun exercise for me!

So, how are things going?  Pretty good I think.  I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve lost inches.  Thanks to being active and eating right… things are on a roll right now.  I’ve also started running, so I’m enjoying challenging myself with that.  Maybe the Mini Marathon is in my future!

I got a little off track with food this week when my mom was visiting.  I didn’t restrict myself as much as I usually do, but I kept up with my exercise, so hopefully it all balanced out! 

It’s all in the name of getting healthy!  Only about three weeks are left until my wedding, so I’m hitting the gym extra hard over the next few weeks.  The funny thing is… I’m addicted to all of this… so even after all the craziness of getting married is over, I am definitely going to keep up with my routine.  I have never felt better, and that’s an easy addiction to feed.

3 thoughts on “On A Roll”

  1. You’ve got the right attitude about all of this. Taking a few days off the nutrition side isn’t going to undo all the work you’ve put in. Hopefully you’re not down about the lack of weight loss. Your body will take care of that after you start building muscle-the fact that you are losing inches is a sign that your body is reacting favorably to your regimen.

  2. Way to go! Having lost 110 pounds since surgery last summer, I am down about… what? One Nicole? (I’m guessing you don’t weigh more than 110 – soaking wet)

    If you splurge a little, don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy it and then just eat right the rest of the day or the next day. Before surgery, I used to think, “Well, I blew it today,” and then I’d just keep on eating too much the rest of the day. Not anymore. Of course, I have a built-in “stop that” with a tiny stomach and instant “oh, that didn’t agree with me” feedback.

  3. Thank you guys for the additional motivation! A little splurge here or there won’t hurt… before I got back into my fitness plan splurges were my main meals. So, I’ve got to keep in perspective that eating healthier is helping by itself! My mom’s homemade cooking is too good to pass up sometimes, although, she did try to make healthy things!

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