I Want Candy!

I can almost taste it now, Halloween candy melting in my mouth!

Okay, I’ve already got my plan of attack for Halloween, or actually the day after.  I don’t Trick or Treat, I hit Target the morning after and score all of my candy at greatly reduced prices.  Candy corn for 75% off, count me in!

It’s only human to look for a great buy and of course savor those sugary sweets, but remember to keep your pets away from any and all candy this Halloween!  Even when we use our best efforts our animals can sneak candy treats, but it’s a big no-no, and can also be fatal. 

The Broad Ripple Animal Clinic gives these suggestions this Halloween to keep your four legged family members safe.  The ASPCA also gives these friendly tips.

As for my candy plans, my bizarre personality comes out in this mix!

First, Pop Rocks.  Second, Charms Blow Pops (not the sour kind, original flavors only!).  Third, candy corn.  Only the Brach’s original with honey, the orange, yellow and white.  I don’t like the pumpkin shaped candy corn, or the corns with black.  (I told you it would get weird!).  Keep in mind this is coming from the same person that only eats yellow chicken Peeps, I don’t like any other colors or shapes!

Nonetheless, as I plan my candy shopping list, I hope you and yours have a very happy and safe Halloween.  Here’s a list of Central Indiana Trick or Treat Times.