Get Cooking

If you love cooking or know someone who does, I have a great gift idea for you, and it helps fellow Hoosiers!

My favorite part about the holidays?  Eating!

If you love to cook, or know someone who does, how about mixing some new recipes with the old standbys?

This year WTHR is proud to present our latest edition of the Sunrise Cookbook, featuring recipes from WTHR personalities and some of your favorite starts of NBC shows. 

The books are only $10, and are available at Central Indiana Marsh stores.  All proceeds benefit United Christmas Service, an organization that helps families make the holidays bright, and provide the bear necessities.

I am a sucker for supporting charity, not a bad thing, right?  I went and bought 8 copies for my family members yesterday.  My family loves to cook, and my mom’s famous banana bread recipe is featured on pages 8-9 in the cookbook.  I recommend it! 

A funny side story?  Last year I bought a bundle as well.  It was my day off, and if you’ve ever seen me on my “weekends” I am comfy in a t-shirt and jeans, with no make up and a ponytail.  So, I went up to the cashier, and set my books down.  She finished ringing me up, and leaned over the counter and said, “you know the people in this book will do an autograph session coming up.”  I said thanks for the suggestion!  I wasn’t recognizable, but what was I supposed to do, pull a diva moment and say, don’t you know who I am?

Nonetheless, Chuck, Julia, Bruce, and Mimi will be autographing the cookbook this holiday season.  I’ll let you know when and where they’ll be.

The cookbook is a great gift for yourself or someone else, check it out the next time you’re in Marsh!

Click here to see more about this year’s cookbook!