Father’s Day of Fools

I’m glad my feelings about my Dad can’t be summed up in a greeting card! If they were… you’d question if he was even a parent.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching… are you scrambling to buy the perfect card for dad?

I’ve been looking for a good one, but can’t find exactly what I’d like.  Am I being too picky?  Nope, I don’t think so.   I don’t think our standards for Father’s Day cards are high enough.

Where am I going with this? 

Well, according to the cards I’ve seen, dad’s only drink beer, control the remote while sitting in their favorite chair, BBQ, cut the grass, or golf.  I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot more to my dad than those stereotypes.

Father’s are not the doofus’ American culture has made them out to be.  They are not the incapable characters many TV shows have created.  They are not another child that a woman needs to parent.  Fathers are equal parents who are just as loving and just as responsible for kids as mothers.

Can you imagine what would happen if Mother’s Day cards featured vacuums, women cooking, washing the dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning the house?   That wouldn’t fly… would it?  So, why is the dad stereotype allowed to continue?  Gender roles fluctuate with couples, after all, marriage and love is about a partnership.

My dad is awesome.  Sure, he cuts the grass, has an occasional beer, and we fight over the remote, but is that all he is? 

No, he’s a role model who’s always there for me.  When I think of my Dad, I remember childhood ski trips, 100 mile bike rides together, and his love, support, and encouragement. 

So, Dad, Happy Father’s Day… I’m glad a greeting card doesn’t begin to describe your parenting!

9 thoughts on “Father’s Day of Fools”

  1. Great job Nicole! I’m glad someone see that there’s more to men than chores and the remote!

  2. I completely agree which is why I’ve all but given up buying cards at the store anymore. I create my own greetings online or have the girls write stories and poems for their Grandfathers. I’ve made slideshows with pictures with a special greeting. I do the same types of things for my husband because he doesn’t fit the stereotype at all. There are the occasional sappy greeting cards but they are hard to find. Thanks for reminding us just how important our fathers are!

  3. Don’t forget the “serious” cards, which presume that all dads are fishermen and duck hunters!

  4. Thank you! Not only in fathers day cards are they like that. I have to shop big and tall and apparently big and tall guys only fish, drink beer, and wear hawaiian shirts!

  5. My Father was a strong stubborn determined man. He passed away trying so hard to care for my Mother who had Alzheimers while all the time trying to deal with his lung cancer. I wish he were still here so I can tell him how much I love him and oh how I miss him!!!

  6. excellent write up Nicole…the greeting card folks really should focus on recognition where it matters…more dad’s holding the baby, dads following the little boy or girl on the bicycle, dads driving the mini van to practice…etc. :)

  7. Well said, Nicole. I’ve noticed that many of the cards also focus on the giver, rather than the recipient of the card. “Wasn’t I a handful to raise?” “Look how well I turned out!” “You’re a great dad beacuse you have me!” Unfortunately, the birthday cards for dads aren’t much better…

  8. Thanks, Nicole. For too long our culture has degraded fathers. My father was much more to me also.

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