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I’m a relative newbie when it comes to Facebook… but there are already a lot of things that get my blood boiling!

I was one of the last people to get on Facebook.  Yep, I resisted.  I was tweeting for at least a full year before I started with Facebook updates.  I’m now “hip” with the times… which I will say isn’t very “hip” of me to say.

Bottom line… why did I wait so long?  I like it!  I get to post weather info, and you get to see a different side to me than you see on TV, plus, the behind the scenes pics we share can be fun!  I also like being able to talk “to” you instead of talking “at” you through the TV.  I’ve gotten to know some really nice people!  Plus… talking to friends during a newscast is fun!

Nonetheless, I find myself getting annoyed.  Why?  It’s the wall posts that get to me.  I don’t like the quizzes that are posted… or the wall posts that are posted on my page that generally have nothing to do with me.  Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate the thought!  But, if you want to have a conversation, shouldn’t that be posted in a message, then I can respond?  If I am totally off base here… please let me know!  Again, I’m learning the ropes as is everyone… as this media evolves!

What I absolutely cannot stand:  Petty arguments and rude comments.  I see people getting in fights on threads that are supposed to start “thoughtful” conversations.  Has our ability to be as anonymous as we want completely thrown common sense out the door?  I never post anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face… then again… I’m not using it as a tool to hurt people.  You shouldn’t hurt people’s feelings just because you can.

Something else to consider… we are typing!  Before you react… think about how something might be *said*.  Sometimes, people are trying to be sarcastic… not hurtful… there’s a difference.

Is anyone else with me on this?  Maybe it’s my OCD talking… I like to have everything neat and orderly and just how I designed it on my wall. 

What are your top Facebook pet peeves?

7 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette”

  1. There are those who have taken the unofficial rules of blogging and internet posting to heart. I say screw them! If you want to post in all caps, fine. I don’t assume you’re screaming. If you want to use txt shorthand, fine, but don’t be upset if I don’t understand your freakish slang. I don’t care about your farm, your crops, or that you think the latest Twilight novel has changed your life. I also don’t care if you’re trying to sell cosmetics or cookies or whatnot…if you have a genuine cause to benefit someone who has suffered a tragedy, by all means put that out there. But if you’re dealing with someone who has a more personal connection with their fanbase like Nicole Misencik, why spam her? I guess it’s a sad sign of our times. Anything for our 15 minutes of fame. I hope that she continues to have the patience to weed throught the riff raff and comment on current events in our city, and that she maintains her poise and objectivity. It’s something that’s sorely needed in our current climate.

  2. I totally agree. What people are not respecting is the face that what is said on a post is that person’s “OPINION” and we are all entitled to our own.
    With that said, my number one facebook pet peeve is unrelated comments or comments contrary to my posts. For example, when Oprah interviewed the Jackson family, I posted about how beautiful Paris Jackson is and logged off. When I returned, I had twenty~four (24) comments about how all thekids weren’t his! I’m was dumbfounded, but that was their opinion, as unsolicited as it irrelevant to my original post. Now my first instinct was to comment how rude and irrelevant their comments were or make another post about their comments, but I just deleted the post and left it alone.

  3. Nicole:

    You are right on here. I want to start by saying I hate Facebook for personal use, but its great for businesses. I prefer Twitter.

    With that said, I hate Facebook for many of the reasons that annoy you. I can’t stand seeing how many dishes someone cooks in a day. That’s not valuable content to me, and I only have so much time in a day to read Facebool posts.

    You can create lists, which is very time consuming, and then only see the news feed from that list. For example, if you know Sally only posts about what she’s cooking on some game, you can not include her in your list.

    I seem to get more traction out of Twitter. For example, I posted a blog post Friday on Twitter and FB. I have received dozens of RTs, but no comments or likes on FB. FB has its advantages, like for posting video, but I will continue to spend the majority of my time on Twitter.

    Great post.

  4. My biggest pet peeve are people who use Facebook or Twitter to fish for compliments. But I guess it’s successful for them because somebody always “bites.”

  5. I also think it’s numbers and how well you know people. You have a few thousand people, and the law of numbers says that several will be punks.

    I bet it happens more as you add more people…

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