Even Police Have a Sense of Humor

Although they do look official, (and perhaps even intimidating) in uniform

…I often get the priviledge of seeing the more humorous side of police officers.  Today I had what we call in the biz a “beat day”.  It’s a chance to check in with my contacts, usually over lunch or coffee, and hopefully come away with a story lead or two.  (Some people call it networking).  It’s something that, quite frankly, is my achilles heel.  I’m just not great with small talk.  Which is why I appreciate the levity of a police chief who for Christmas received a computer game –that he gladly shared with me during my visit.  It’s not the kind of game you actually play on your computer (like Solitaire or Tetris )–but rather one you control from your computer.  The device on the desk of Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher was a miniature machine gun of sorts–that shoots nerf-like darts from the command of his computer.  He could navigate it in any direction–and fire at will.   (His deputy chief displayed a cannon that shoots out circus people–same concept–see link below).


Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want you to think it’s something they spend the day playing with rather than fighting crime.  But it’s a great outlet for a job that is certainly stressful.  And it made for a wonderful ice-breaker for someone who feels more comfortable asking questions with a microphone in her hand than those of a more personal nature.

Police are human (and humorous) too.

Kris Kirschner