Candwich… What?!?!

Hungry? Your answer is just a Candwich away.

There is no way this can be real!

A Candwich?

Yep, choose between PBJ Grape, PBJ Strawberry, and BBQ Chicken.  All in a convenient 3 ounce can!

The maker of the Candwich uses these selling points:

  • “Candwich is the perfect product for people on the go such as students, construction workers, soccer moms and outdoor enthusiasts.”
  • “Unique packaging offers protection while backpacking, camping, biking, and other activities.”
  • “Easy store display – does not require refrigeration.”
  • “Candwich has a long shelf life that is perfect for emergency food storage needs in the event of natural disasters.”
  • “Three great tasting products are available as single can, four-pack or case displays.”
  • Yikes! 

    There’s also a lawsuit surrounding what’s soon to become the latest craze.  Okay… maybe not!