At the Car Wash

Okay, it’s a stupid dilemma, but it’s something I deal with all the time!

Growing up in Arizona, I loved washing my own car.  It would stay clean for weeks!  Well, it would get dusty, but other than that, it still looked pretty good.

One thing I just can’t get used to is not having a clean car.  I know, I know, after living in the Midwest for 4 years I should just be over it!

There has to be a science to it.  In the winter, I take my car through the wash after the snow melts and roads clear to get the salt off of my front wheel drive sleigh. 

But when we get rain nearly every other day, it’s such a gamble to run it through the wash!

I guess I’ll just get used to driving around in a dirty car, I’ve survived so far!  I just don’t like it!

1 thought on “At the Car Wash”

  1. I feel your pain. In the summer I wash my car often and keep a fresh coat of wax on at all times. Winter is torture having to see my car look so sad and haggard. Tire rims are even worse!

    I travel to Phoenix about four or five times a year and the cars there always look spotless. I actually asked my co-worker out there when the last time he washed his car was. He said it had been almost a month and it still looked freshly washed (only a bit dusty). Not fair!

    I guess it is just one of those things we are stuck dealing with in the Midwest. But I’m with you on having to deal with a dirty car – I don’t like it either. The only solution I have found is to buy cars that show less dirt. Charcoal gray is always a good option.

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