Addicted to Junk Food

I’ve always joked that I’m addicted to junk food, I’ve cut myself off from it for the last two months, but now scientists are looking at an actual connection between junk food and addiction.

Have you ever found yourself jonesing for a Big Mac, fries, a huge Coke, Jack in the Box Tacos?  My list of fast food cravings could go on and on.  I forgot to mention one of my favorites, White Castle. 

I’ve been off of it for two months… but before I cut myself off to a healthier me, I would eat fast food at least three times a week.

It’s easy to become addicted to the taste of the food… the quick sugar rush you get from eating junk.  I love it, the taste the rush, but the crash… that’s another story.

A new study published by Food Consumer has found that junk food can be addictive.  (Click the link to find out more info).

The study was done at Scripps Research in Florida.  They tested rats.  And, some of the rats became so addicted to junk food that they would compulsively eat it, even when they were “punished” by an electric shock for going after more.

We know junk food is bad for us on an everyday basis, but we keep going back for more.  So, does this mean that a cure for junk food cravings is around the corner?

Remember, this study was performed on animals, so we don’t know if it transfers to humans, but the issue is being studied.

What do you think about being addicted to junk food… is it possible?  Or is it just an excuse to eat bad?