A Life on the Line

It was a slow Sunday morning. Cold, but sunny. A typical day in mid-January

It was a slow Sunday morning.  Cold, but sunny.  A typical day in mid-January.   And at 9:00am it was a routine traffic stop.  The next two minutes would change everything..  That’s when the first of four 9-1-1 calls came in to city dispatch …residents of a northeast side neighborhood who heard gunfire…and at least one who saw an IMPD officer  on the ground..

That officer, 29-year old David Moore had a minute earlier typed in license plate information for a ’98 Gold Camry he’d pulled over.  Information had come back that car was reported stolen.  But before the 6-1/2 year veteran had a chance to radio in…the driver of the car, shot him. 

Trauma surgeons say preliminary tests showed the bullets miraculously missed  (by millimeters) his vital brain stem and spinal cord.  Hitting instead  a vertebrae and blood vessel.  But that more tests were needed…Tthe next 24-48 hours were crucial to this young man’s survival.

Police shootings are rare.  But the possibility–is part of the daily life of the 1600 men and women who protect the streets of Indianapolis.  They are in the underappreciated, often criticized business of public safety.    A duty they gladly accept.  A service we barely comprehend.

While we celebrate and salute our men in women in military uniform (rightfully so)–hailing them heroes who serve overseas –we are more inclined to look down on the city soldiers–who fight for our safety right on our very street corners.  Whose mere presence in many cases will keep the bad guys away.  And who would proudly uphold the law–even if it means putting their own lives on the line.

David Moore is one of those soldiers.  He joined IMPD in July of 2004, fulfilling a lifelong dream to follow in the footsteps of his parents, both IMPD veterans. 

Now he fights for his life. 

Just a routine day on the job. 

IMPD Officer David Moore Shot 4 Times During a "Routine" Traffic Stop

Kris Kirschner

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  1. I will have the Moore family in my prayers. I lost my son to cancer over 40 years ago. There is still a place for him in my heart, but I know he is in a WONDERFUL PLACE. I understand your pain, and my faith in God made the difference for me! Blessings and Peace to your special family!

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