A Hometown Tourist…

All week I’ve been part of the WTHR (Super Bowl Station) team covering all things Super Bowl.

It’s been great, but when you’re working, you don’t have the time to really stop and take in all the excitement.  So last night, my husband and I did just that.

I put down my microphone, and reporter’s notebook  and just enjoyed downtown Indy for a couple of hours.  Trying to soak in what visitors to the city might; viewing the Super Bowl host as they might. 

We parked in a lot on South Street for $30.  Yes, expensive.  But it was close and well-lit and served our purposes.  We walked up Meridian Street to Georgia, right in the heart of Super Bowl Village.  Along the way passing several street performers–which I think only adds to the ambiance.

The streets were packed.  I’m not much for large crowds–I get claustrophobic if it gets to bad–but this crowd seemed manageable. 

I’ll admit our first mission to grab a cold beverage.  We made our way to the Huddle for that.  (It’s the three floors of the area in the Circle Centre Mall that used to be Nordstrom).  Other than to get warm, not a whole lot to see in the Huddle.  The first floor, there are bars (our thirst quenched!)  The 2nd floor is all souvenirs and Super Bowl gear–and nothing to see on the third floor.

We ventured out once again where we noticed a huge crowd outside St Elmo (the popular steak house with the shrimp cocktail that will clear you sinuses!).  There were t-v cameras and people huddled.  We found out they were waiting for celebrities.  No one in particular, just anyone in general.  I suppose it’s as good a place as any to wait.  But we didn’t linger long. 

On the way back, my husband did run into one of his favorite sports talk radio hosts.  Mike Greenberg of “Mike and Mike in the Morning”.  So as any good tourist would do, we stopped for a photo.  (This was the highlight of his night–so well worth it!)

We went to Monument Circle to see the giant Roman numerals.  We checked out the zipline.  We stopped by Pan Am Plaza where the ESPN stage is set up.

Basically we just walked.  And it seems so did thousands of others who were downtown that night.

I wondered if between the parking, the pricey beer and paying the babysitter it was worth it.  But like most people excited for the Super bowl, it was a chance to get right in the middle of it–and for me–to  see it from the eyes of those who aren’t covering it from every angle.

Indeed, we had a “super” time. 


Kris Kirschner