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25 Days and Counting…

By · January 11, 2012 at 3:01 pm

For the past year, WTHR – the Super Bowl station – has been actively counting down the days to Super Bowl XLVI.  But it’s really been in the last week we’ve ramped up our final preps (and the city too) for this Indy first.

Now 25 days out, there is a “buzz” in  the newsroom ( and for that matter around town)  the result of  meetings, set construction, schedule planning,  more construction—-all in an effort to put on our Super Bowl Sunday best.

Setting the Stage

Just this past week, I attended a staff meeting where I learned exactly how our coverage will play out.  Some if it, I thought you might find interesting as well.  For example,  these noteworthy tidbits:

5000 NFL credentials  will be handed out (90 of those to WTHR staff)

130 Public and Private events are scheduled

59 NBC cameras in use

800  Traffic Control Operators to keep you on the right path

WTHR monitors that will be placed at the NFL Experience

The Super Bowl is far more than the game–or even the commercials.  It’s a week’s (or more) worth of entertainment that attracts worldwide media, A-list celebrities, and fans across the globe.

Indianapolis–and Channel 13–are at the center of it all.

So stay tuned for our special coverage.  The game may be 25 days away, but the efforts to bring it here–years in the making. 

Check here for more on our Super Bowl Coverage  – Including parking info, transportation, events listings, schedules and news stories.

Kris Kirschner



You, Kris, are the perfect person to be writing a blog that I will read. Truthfully, all the hype has already turned me off about the whole thing. However, I will read your blogs!

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