$14 a Pound for Turkey? What?!?!?!

I’m all for a good thanksgiving meal, but paying $14 a pound just for the turkey? That’s crazy talk!

I love food… but do I love it enough to eat a $14 a pound turkey?  I think not!

It’s the latest rage in crazy designer food.  The birds are selling in New York for our upcoming turkey day feast.

What makes these turkey’s so special?  They are wild free-range turkeys.  I’m all for giving animals a good quality of life, and treating them with respect while they live, and a “humane” death, but that price is quite steep!  It’s like putting a luxury car hood ornament on the bird to raise the price!

Want to learn more about these pricey birds?  Click here for the article from the New York Daily News.

I just couldn’t resist this classic cartoon!