Wintry Mix Followed By Cold Week

A biting northeast wind kept central Indiana just cloudy and cold on St. Patrick’s Day.  However about a 100 miles south it’s a winter wonderland!  A band of heavy, wet snow dumped a narrow swath of 2-4″+ in southern Indiana… just outside of the WTHR viewing area.


Snowfall rates were heavy enough to overcome a relatively warm ground…and produced numerous slide-offs around Kentuckiana.  The picture below about 12 miles north of Louisville along I-65N near Sellersburg, IN.


The frontal system and associated atmospheric lift causing the heavy precipitation along the Ohio River Valley will push northward this evening.  Latest computer model data suggests the air mass over central Indiana will become saturated enough to produce precipitation between 8-9pm (give or take).

Though temperatures aloft (5,000ft+) will be warming rapidly due to an upper-level wind from the southwest… an easterly wind at the surface keeps ground level temps cold enough to support mixed precip at onset this evening.  I expect a burst of snow/sleet to move into the the I-70 corridor between around/after 8pm.  Between 8pm-2am snow, sleet and/or rain is fair game in any one given area.  Keeping in mind that 1° or 2° can change what type of precip falls in your backyard.  At this time I don’t envision any problems on area roadways, but that’s subject to change if banded precip becomes heavy enough to overcome warm soil/pavement temps.


After 2am it’s mostly a cold rain as temperature profiles warm from top to bottom.  Due to rather robust lift, don’t be surprised if you hear some thunder overnight either.  That lift may also produce some locally heavy rain.


No worries about roadways in the morning, with only wet pavement expected.


The focus quickly shifts to the much advertised colder than normal pattern for next week.  Temperatures will be a good 20° below normal.  This taste of winter air carries into next weekend and beyond.



Updates later this evening as needed to adjust forecast.  Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you can join us at 6pm and 11pm for the latest.

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