Cooler Air Arrives For Work Week

All’s quiet on the western front…though the round of heavy showers Sunday evening produced some impressive wind gusts.  Monticello and Indianapolis Airport top the charts, with gusts over 55mph.


Our Weather Bug site in Sharpsville also recorded a gust of 52mph at 2:30pm Sunday afternoon.

The same system that triggered the wind and rain, will drive in much cooler air compared to the balmy 74° in Indianapolis.


A cold front that will produce a period of showers this evening, will also deliver a colder start Monday morning.  In fact lows at the bus stop early Monday will be a good 20° colder than the balmy start of Sunday morning.

A colder start, and a steady diet of northwest wind will offset a brighter sky in place Monday.  Highs will hold in the 50s to near 60° Monday afternoon… again significantly cooler than Sunday afternoon.

This marks the beginning of ups and downs for us in the week ahead.  Sunshine fills the sky Monday through Wednesday, with major air mass modification during that time that sends highs into the mid 70s late Wednesday.  This warm up precedes a round of possibly strong storms in the predawn hours of Thursday morning.  That line of precipitation marks the switch to cooler than temperatures for several days….heading into the weekend.

Thanks for visiting the weather blog and have a great evening!


Sean Ash