Wind Advisory and Severe Storm Threat Sunday

It will turn breezy tonight but downright windy tomorrow with south/southwest winds sustained 15-25 mph and gusts up to 45 mph during the day. A WIND ADVISORY will be in effect 8am to 8pm.

Along with those non-thunderstorm winds, we could get winds in excess of 60 mph with scattered thunderstorms that develop tomorrow. We should be mainly dry and cloudy tonight. Rain could develop by mid-morning tomorrow. Then the threat for strong to severe storms develops tomorrow afternoon through early evening. The biggest threat is strong winds, but isolated large hail or even a tornado in far Southern Indiana might be possible. There’s a catch, though. If the morning rain keeps us cloudy, that might limit our severe potential. On the other hand, if we break out into some sunshine, that will increase our instability and could make severe weather even more likely. Most areas could get up to 1/2″ of rain, with heavier amounts in any strong storms that develop.

We’ll dry out and cool down to start the work week, but another trip into the 70s is possible by Wednesday followed by more showers and storms late Wednesday through Thursday morning. It’s not a sure bet, but there could be a cool pocket of air that drops into Central Indiana Friday and Saturday plunging us back into the 50s for highs with drizzle or showers possible.

Finally, our Hoosier Pic of the Day Saturday courtesy of Manjit Trehan who snapped this fantastic photo of a bald eagle in the midst of some gorgeous fall foliage. Share your pic here: or here:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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