Warmest Start to April on Record

This April has been warm and it’s felt like summer most of the time, now it will go down in history.

The following data has been prepared by the NWS Indianapolis regarding April’s Warm Start:

A persistent ridge of high pressure has brought warm temperatures for much of the first half of April to central Indiana. At Indianapolis, the average temperature of 61.6 degrees recorded through April 14 marks the warmest start to the month of April in recorded history at Indianapolis. This is 12.4 degrees above normal through April 14. Below is a list of the ten warmest average temperatures at Indianapolis through the first 14 days of the month:

Indianapolis Area


Highest Average Temperature degrees F

Days: 4/1 – 4/14

Length of period: 14 days

Years: 1871-2010

Rank Value Ending Date

 1    61.6    4/14/2010

 2    61.5    4/14/2001

 3    58.4    4/14/1978

 4    58.3    4/14/1872

 5    58.2    4/14/1922

 6    58.0    4/14/1981

 7    57.3    4/14/1910

 8    57.1    4/14/1929

 9    56.9    4/14/1930

 10    56.6    4/14/1941, 4/14/1893  

Thursday will provide yet another warm day across central Indiana with temperatures warming into the 80s once again. The arrival of a cold front on Friday will bring temperatures back closer to normal for the weekend and into next week with highs mainly in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Average highs for mid-April are in the mid 60s with lows in the lower 40s.