Warm, Drizzly & Foggy

It’s not 70 and sunshine, but our forecast is finally warming up above freezing!

Highs today will reach the low to mid 40s with cloudy skies, patchy fog, and areas of drizzle.  A breeze out of the south is helping to bump up temperatures.

Overnight, temps only drop to the low 40s with a chance of light rain and dense fog.

Friday, we hit the mid 50s!  Rain showers will be likely the later we head into the evening.  A few rumbles of thunder will be possible too.  It will be a rainy start to 2011 with rain early Saturday morning too.  Temps will fall throughout the day on Saturday.

A dry pattern takes hold next week, but temps in the 30s return.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

1 thought on “Warm, Drizzly & Foggy”

  1. You guys nailed that fog forecast! I can see only 10 miles in any direction! JK! Have you thought about actually tracking the accuracy of your forecasts and the forecasts of your competition? That way, you can prove that WTHR has the most accurate and reliable forecasts! Just a thought.


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