Tuesday Afternoon Severe Weather Update

Severe storms are still likely to develop as we head into this evening and tonight.

After a morning filled with heavy rain and thunderstorms… more storms are likely for this evening.  One to three inches of rain has fallen across Central Indiana and more is on the way.

A tornado watch is in effect for portions of Illinois until 10pm… the line of storms that will pop there… will then move into Central Indiana.

This evening into the overnight, we will be watching for the potential of strong to severe thunderstorms for all of Central Indiana.  The main threats will be damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail, and more flooding.

The storms look to exit Central Indiana by 2am.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Wright and I will be tracking the storms this evening and tonight.  We will keep you posted on any changes in the forecast and any watches and warnings that pop up.

You can follow watches and warnings here.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon Severe Weather Update”

  1. I live in Fishers, a fine community of roughly 66,000 people. Why doesn’t the doppler radar show Fishers (I went to other channels and no one shows Fishers)? It showed Strawtown, Burgge Terrace, Cicero. And when the estimated time of arrival on the storm would show up on the screen, it would show Carmel, Noblesville and loads of other towns and neighborhoods but it NEVER showed Fishers. I figured out the approximate time of arrival by using a scientific calculator and a slide rule but not all of your viewers are so lucky to have these tools at their disposal. I really like your coverage so please figure out a way to show my great town on the screen so I don’t have to estimate my own salvation or demise.



  2. Weather in Indiana is so overhyped…I mean to interrupt season finale’s with the same info over and over… Go live in some states where there is actual danger with weather and you will not see all the drama that local TV stations make of minute “possible” threats. Do a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen for God’s sake… Total overkill and weather people talking to hear their own voice… lulu here I come…over the major network programming being taken over for a 2-3″ rainfall~ How many lives did you save with you over-hype? None because there was nothing to the storm you were raving about! Get over it!

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