Tracking A Cold Week and Flurries and a Freeze

A frost advisory is in effect for much of central Indiana early Tuesday morning from 4am-9am.  Early morning temperatures will be in the range of 30-35 degrees.  The amount of frost will depend on the wind overnight.  If the winds stays above 5mph or so, the frost will be patchy.  It will be more widespread in areas with less wind.  A freeze warning is in effect for the northern third of the state.  In our area this includes:  Marion, Hartford City and Peru.

1 lows

Most of Tuesday will be dry and chilly.  Afternoon temperatures will only be in the 40s.  After some morning sun, clouds will increase tomorrow afternoon and rain chances return around 4pm. 


Scattered showers will mix with a few fluries late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.  This is an image of Future Trak 13 at 1am on Wednesday showing areas of blue.  This shows that light rain mixing with a few flakes of snow. 


There will be another wave of light rain mixing with flurries moving our way for late Wednesday and early Thursday. 


This 20 degree colder than average trend will last through Friday.