Tornado Watch Until 9pm

A tornado watch is in effect for east central and southeast central Indiana.

Click here to see the latest weather warnings.  A tornado watch is in effect for east central and southeast central Indiana.

Severe thunderstorms are likely this afternoon producing wind gusts in excess of 60mph, and small hail.  An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. 

Remember, when a tornado watch is in effect, and a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, so counties choose to sound the tornado sirens.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Wright and I are tracking the storms.  He will have updates at the top and middle of the hour, live on WTHR, to let you know what’s happening as these storms progress.

2 thoughts on “Tornado Watch Until 9pm”

  1. I live in Fishers (between Allisonville road and SR 37 just north of 131st street) and tonight, prior to the weather warnings, my 7 yr old son spotted rotation in the sky. Most people would probrably disregard their child should he/she come running into a room making these claims but with our son, he has been fascinated with the weather since he was about 4 yrs of age. That said, I went to the back door (faces due north) and sure enough, I witnessed strong rotation in the clouds above. Approximately 18 minutes later, I noticed a shift in the direction as the clouds were moving southeast/east. Then approximately 6 minutes later, the severe weather sirens went off. Is it common for the sirens to alert this long after the threat has passed? Would this delay be considered a malfunction with the alarm warning system or is this the most accurrate modern-day technology can provide warnings? What changes could be expected should a weather spotter have phoned in the rotation? In other words, should a spotter phone in that there is rotation in the clouds, would this prompt for an earlier severe weather siren?

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