Tornado Sirens Sounding

Listen up, this week you could hear tornado sirens sounding across Marion County.

If you hear tornado sirens sound in Marion County, this could be why: 

(The following is from Marion County Emergency Management)

The Indianapolis/Marion County Emergency Management Agency will be coordinating additional tests of the outdoor warning siren system throughout the month of September.  These additional tests will be done in addition to the routine 45 second test done every Friday morning at 11:00 AM.  Testing will be done in a random manner; therefore they will not occur at the same time or location. The tests will occur on Friday Sept. 4th, 11th, 18th & 26th between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM each day. 

Indianapolis/Marion County EMA has been working on upgrading the existing siren system for the past three years.  The new system will provide sound coverage for nearly 100% of the Indianapolis and Marion County area.  State of the art technology and hardware will allow for targeted activation of sirens in the areas identified by the National Weather Service as being under a watch or a warning for severe weather or tornados.  In the past, the outdoor warning sirens were activated throughout the entire county.  The new technology will allow a much more precise warning to occur and will reduce confusion for the general public.  If a resident hears an outdoor siren sound, they are encouraged to take cover and gather more information regarding the path and severity of the storm.

Outdoor sirens are just that; they are for outdoors only.  Some may be heard inside a home or business, but to be sure of getting vital information in a timely manner, residents are encouraged to purchase a NOAA weather radio.  The NOAA weather radio is on 24/7 and is made to warn people day or night.