This Month Now the 8th Wettest August on Record for Indy

Through 1pm, the official rain total for today was 1.47″ for Indianapolis International Airport, pushing our August total to 6.51″. That’s enough to push us into 8th place for wettest Augusts. What a turn-around from June and July!

Even heavier rain fell in other parts of the WTHR-TV viewing area. Check out some of the WeatherBug rain reports through midday – including more than 2″ for Kokomo, West Lafayette, and St. Thomas Aquinas School in Indianapolis. The highest rain reports I could find were from a weather observer 5 miles west of West Lafayette reporting 3.93″ of rain and a weather observer 6 miles northeast of Attica reporting 3.25″ of rain. This will all continue whittling away at our drought.

For perspective, our official rain total through 1pm was 6.51″ for the month in Indy, nearly 3 3/4″ above average! Here are the rankings for wettest August. We’re now in 8th place:

(1) 1980 8.34″
(2) 1989 8.05″
(3) 1976 7.95″
(4) 1921 7.26″
(5) 1978 6.89″
(6) 1886 6.70″
(7) 1949 6.64″
(8) 2012 6.51″ so far

Now we watch the track of Isaac, a strong Tropical Storm as of midday and expected to strengthen into a Category 1 Hurricane before making landfall on the Southern Gulf Coast. For the latest track and information check out the National Hurricane Center: Once Isaac heads inland, the storm’s track becomes very uncertain, but many of the computer models bring Central Indiana a slug of rain from what will by then be Tropical Rainstorm Isaac. Timing for our rain could be as early as Friday, possibly the weekend, and maybe lingering into Labor Day. It’s too soon to be certain, as the track and timing could certainly change in the days to come, but there is some potential for more drought relief here.

In contrast, Isaac could bring nearly 20″ of rain to the Southern Gulf Coast, which could cause major flooding.

Here’s a look at your 7-Day forecast. We’ll be dry until late week with warming temps too. But late week into the weekend, we’ll be watching what’s left of Isaac and possibly getting rain from the circulation of that storm as it moves into the Midwest.

Finally, here’s our Hoosier Pic at noon – from Santa Claus, Indiana! The Weber family was one of the winners of WTHR’s Holiday World ticket giveaway, and they enjoyed heading down (with beautiful weather) to Southern Indiana for a day of fun in the sun. Submit your pic here: or here:

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