Sunshine is Back

Today sunshine makes a return in Central Indiana, but warmth is not coming our way.

Finally, after a very gloomy, cloudy month sunshine is back!  One inch of snow fell in Indianapolis last night, and now, we’ll begin to dry out.

Partly cloudy skies are expected around Central Indiana today with highs in the upper teens.  Winds will come out of the Northwest up to 20 mph, so expect very frigid wind chills in the single digits.

Overnight, clouds increase as lows drop to about 10 degrees.  Wind chill readings will register around zero.

Tomorrow we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the low 20s.

The weekend looks dry with highs in the mid 20s.

This weekend there’s a big storm developing that will track just to the south of Indiana, if the track moves north a bit, we could be talking a different weekend forecast, so stay tuned for any changes.