Sunday Morning Snow Update

Due to a greater influx of colder/drier air and a more southerly cold frontal position across the Ohio River I’ve trended down the snowfall amounts some.  Essentially 3-6″ is the call for the Indianapolis metro and points northward, with a sleet/snow combo of 4-7″ south of I-70 to the Ohio River.


After waves of precip this morning there may be a “lull” in snowfall before a secondary wave develops later this afternoon.





This second batch will dictate whether or not the I-70 corridor hits the high side of the forecast.  It’s conceivable this wave may bypass Indy well to the south…which is why I’ve decided to go with slightly higher amounts in southern Indiana where minor ice accretions are possible.  Heavier icing looks to set up south of Ohio River.


Snow will diminish from north to south this evening, with only flurries expected after midnight north of I-70.  Snow may continue to fall south of the city into predawn Monday morning.


It’s important to note that even a few inches of snow will go a long way to mess up the roads due to surface temps in the upper teens/lower 20s.

Wind chill values will dip subzero Monday with winds out of the northeast 10-15 mph.





3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Snow Update”

  1. Hello Nicole. We have a big event here on Campus in Bloomington at 4 pm. How do you see that event fitting in with the timing and rate of precipitation?

  2. I live in sub division near Edinburgh. Lots of ice here. Walked out thru my yard to the street to get the morning paper, took one step onto pavement, turned & headed back into my home.
    Will try again when it’s covered in snow. :-)

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