Sun Peeks Through Clouds Next Few Hours

A stubborn stratus cloud deck over central Indiana continues to hold its own, but partly sunny conditions are expected by the time most head home from work and school.  Below is a one kilometer resolution visible satellite image.  I’ve circled South Bend (top), Lafayette (middle), and the Indianapolis metro (bottom) for reference.  From satellite you can see a distinct clearing line in north central Indiana… and South Bend is reaping the rewards.


Notice the striking differences between web cam from the various cities.


Under the overcast temperatures have slowly warmed into the lower 70s.  Where the best/quickest breaks in the cloud deck occur… highs will near 80 degrees.

Yesterday I offered an analysis of why Sunday could be soggy.  Early morning model runs are converging on that idea… as the GFS and Canadian came in with a slower system/cold front.


Nothing set in stone yet, with the upper storm yet to come onshore to be fully sampled by weather balloons.  Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the weekend