Sun And 70s Return Sunday!

After a couple of colder than normal days, the temperature pendulum is set to swing in a much warmer direction Sunday.  Clouds and the stiff breeze we endured Saturday will both diminish this evening, leading to decent viewing conditions to potentially see a rare treat in Central Indiana.  It’s not 100%, but there is a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis tonight…due to a recent solar storm from the sun.


Good luck and if you’re lucky enough to see the northern lights please share your pictures on the WTHR Facebook page.

Overnight temperatures will drop into the 30s and 40s.  Though late evening will be clear, I do expect clouds to return by the time you wake up Sunday morning.LOWS_TONIGHT

In fact you’ll notice the sliver of precip on FutureTrak 13 by 5am.  This is along the leading of warm air advection, and it’s enough to warrant a chance of sprinkles/light showers early Sunday morning…especially along/north of I-70





Notice by midday clouds begin to clear, and as a result temperatures will rise rapidly.  The hour-by-hour planner below shows 60s by midday and afternoon highs in the mid 70s courtesy of a bright sky/breezy (15-30mph) southerly wind.




Tomorrow marks the beginning of a prolonged stretch of warmer than normal days…as temperatures top-out a good 10°+ above average highs.





Notice Central Indiana is south-southeast of a stalled front on FutureTrak 13 Monday at 5pm.  This is a key player in the forecast for next week, with some model disagreement regarding placement of this boundary.  If we stay south of this front, and away from better atmospheric forcing for storms… the region will stay mainly dry and very warm.  However, if the boundary sags southward (looking like that Tuesday) storm chances/cloud cover increases and temperatures will be a bit cooler.



So please keep that in mind when examining the 7 day forecast below.  Models do agree that our best chance at widespread rain/storms is Thursday… with 2-4″ rainfall potential area wide.  This deluge is followed by another cold snap heading into next weekend.



Thanks for reading the blog and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sean Ash